Starley Sportive Neck Snood




This versatile neck warmer will provide an extra layer of protection against the elements when you take on the Starley Sportive. It’s multi functional and will not just keep your neck warm, but also your chin, nose, cheeks and ears, too, depending on how high up you opt to wear it.

It will also – when worn over the mouth – help to protect your lungs by providing an added membrane to breathe through that will take the edge off freezing cold air.

Must be ordered by the 20th January 2020 to get delivery for the event, All products will be ordered at the same time to maximise the amount raised for charity.

Remember- All proceeds from the Starley Sportive go to charity!

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Please be aware that all items are made to order – therefore if an item doesn’t fit correctly we will of course attempt to accommodate any exchanges but this cannot be guaranteed. Refunds are accepted upto 28 days after purchase if the items are unused.


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The orders will all be processed at the same time not on an individual basis.

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